Ancestors of Catharina Maria Conijn

10 Generations of the Conijn family


Catharina Maria Conijn, born in Schiedam on May 9, 1925. She was married in Wassenaar on September 28, 1951 and on September 29, 1951 in church to (and divorced on November 1, 1980 from) Antonius Marie Joannes van Huijstee, born in Heemstede on January 25, 1923, son of Albertus Marie Joannes van Huijstee and Elisabeth Marie Antoinette Bies.


Nicolaas Willem Conijn, born in Alkmaar on May 18, 1887, died in Utrecht on August 26, 1955, buried in Wassenaar (de Goede Herder cemetary). He was married in Scheveningen on May 11, 1911, to Catharina Josephina Maria Henriėtta Smulders, born in Nieuwer Amstel on June 28, 1886, died in Wassenaar on May 27, 1968, buried there (de Goede Herder cemetary), daughter of Henricus Petrus Augustus Johannes Smulders and Maria Anna Henriėtte Antoinette Matthijsen.


Nicolaas Adrianus Conijn, born in Alkmaar on September 4, 1859, died in Gendt on July 18, 1912. He was married in Bemmel on July 13, 1885, to Maria Geertruida Aleida Terwindt, born in Doornenburg on October 13, 1860, died in Nijmegen on May 10, 1932, daughter of Nicolaas Terwindt and Wilhelmina van Heukelum.


Hendricus Johannes Conijn, born in Edam on January 7, 1821, died in Alkmaar on November 25, 1885. He was married in Purmerend circa 1857 to Margaretha Johanna Brantjes, born in Purmerend on August 28, 1826, died in Alkmaar on August 9, 1869, daughter of Nicolaas Brantjes and Maria Stuijt.


Adrianus Conijn, born in Edam on November 2, 1798, died in Alkmaar on February 17, 1865. He was married in Amsterdam on June 10, 1818 to Catharina Maria Hendrica Slaghek, born in Amsterdam on February 2, 1796, died in Alkmaar on December 14, 1870, daughter of Gerardus Slaghek and Helena Beukman.


Anthonie Cornelisse Conijn, born in Edam on May 10, 1768, died there on June 22, 1814. He was married in Edam on June 21, 1789 to Niesje Ariens Brantjes, christened (roman catholic) in De Beemster on December 18, 1766, died in Edam on February 20, 1828, buried there on February 25, 1828, daughter of Arien Jansz Brantjes and Maartje Pietersdr Bloothoofd.


Cornelis Conijn alias Cornelis Conijn de Rijke ("the Rich one"), christened (roman catholic) in Edam on October 24, 1734, died there on October 31, 1797. He was married in Edam on January 25, 1761 in church to Maycke Schrant, christened in de Beemster on April 8, 1739, died in Edam on October 13, 1794, daughter born out of wedlock of Anthony Schrant and Grietje Gerritsdr Schaer.


Willem Conijn, christened (roman catholic) in De Beemster on March 26, 1693, died in Edam, buried there on March 30, 1746. He was married in de Beemster (1) to Mennitje Claesdr de Vries, died before 1731. He was married in Edam circa 1731 (2) to Agathe Cornelisdr Decker, died in Edam on October 27, 1794, buried there.


Willem Jansz Konijn, christened (roman catholic) in De Beemster on February 10, 1659, died there before 1722. He was married circa 1692 to Maria (Marije, Maartje) Willemsdr de Vries, christened (roman catholic) in De Beemster on November 21, 1666, died there on June 9, 1716, daughter of Willem Gerritsze de Vries and Marije Pietersdr.


Jan Konijn alias Conijn, Knijn, Knijneman and Cnijn, born circa 1635, died in De Beemster in the year 1722. He was married circa 1658 to Trijn Claesze, born circa 1635, died in de Beemster on June 9, 1716.

The Conijn family was a very wealthy and powerful family in the Beemster. They possessed real estate and were politically active on many fronts. A lot of information has been kept through the centuries, too much to place on the internet. Should you want more information, please  e-mail me.

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